The AndyVent Calendar 6: Feed The Need


Dear Fellow Kringles,

Thanks to the continued support of amazing local businesses and equally amazing folks like you, The AndyVent is back and ’tis the season to Feed The Need!

The AndyVent Calendar 6 debuts December 1st with over $8000 in prizes to be won! (Calendar and 2 Runner Up Prizes!) All donated by generous HRM businesses.

Each $5 donated = 1 entry for a chance to win the entire Calendar and/or the Runner Up Prizes.

Folks, plenty of people in Nova Scotia can use our help. By donating here, all proceeds go to the fine, hard working folks at Feed Nova Scotia.

Follow me on Twitter @evilpez4, on Instagram @evilpez4 and Facebook (search: AndyVent6) for more information on this campaign and daily updates on this worthwhile cause. Sorry, I’m too old/Amish for the Snap Chat.

The full amount, minus GoFundMe fees will be presented to Feed Nova Scotia on January 15th.

Kids, a big thanks to everyone who has spread the word on the previous AndyVent campaigns. As a social media campaign, word of mouth is key to hitting this years goal.

Together we’ve helped raise over $50K to date, over 5 Calendars!

Let’s continue to help feed the need.




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