AndyVent 4: Recap!

One final thanks to everyone for the continued support of the Calendar Campaign!

I can’t say enough good things about our local businesses who donate terrific prizes to this cause while also being extremely supportive & encouraging behind the scenes. Without them, there would be no AndyVent.

And remember to support your local shops, especially this time of year, when foot traffic is slower and budgets are a bit tighter. Even one extra visit helps.

^click for larger image of all the amazing prize contributors!

Thanks again to AndyVent elves, Katy (for handling all things Facebook) and Arthur at Halifax ReTales (for site hosting again this year.

And I’ll keep on thanking you, the folks who have gotten behind this campaign. For sharing it, for spreading the news, for explaining to others how it works, who it helps and just how ridiculous the grand prizes are!

So another big congrats to Grand Prize Winner, Amy & Matt Spurway!

And Runner Up Prize Winner: Ian McGrath!

That’s a wrap, kids.

Until next time.

Keep on feeding the need.


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